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Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation (GER) is a non-governmental organization registered in Rwanda with legal status: N°66 /RGB/NGO 2017. Our aim is to contribute to peace and reconciliation process and improving environmental conditions in Rwanda, Great lakes as well. We support the existing reconciliation process, community recovery and prevention of violence.    

We facilitate interactions with communities, local leaders, religious leaders, young people to address the existing effects of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, and consider environment as a driving factor of peace building, healing the past and improving livelihood of our people.

Our focus is to empower the next generation in becoming the agents of change in their respective communities for their bright future.

We document success stories for experience sharing with decision makers, stakeholders and academia to support post-conflict communities around the world.

I believe that changes are possible when community is empowered and engaged in the process. Among more than 1500 people who participated in our interventions, we record positive changes so far; relations improved, community initiatives established and community ownership to ensure the sustainability.

We appreciate our partners for their contribution and we will keep updating about our progress. We invite interested individuals, foundations and organizations to support our activities. Do not hesitate to contact us via

Beyond conflict Rwanda Program

Since June 2016 up to 2018 GER in partnership with CFOR, implemented   interventions through the program called Beyond Conflicts-Rwanda and Great lakes.   Our work together with CFOR   was to facilitate forums and trainings gathering community groups and to facilitate a deeper conversation needed to support the reconciliation process, community recovery, and prevention of future violence. For more

Fighting stigma and discrimination for female sex workers

What   I grained  in regard  to  the prevention  of  new HIV infection, before  the training I  used  to think that  if I  happen  to be infected I would  directly  infect others. However, I came to know that doing so would be harming myself, and I realised this thanks to the training.  As a result of the trainings, I no longer have these negative misconceptions in my mind.  Read More

The outcome of Beyond Conflict Program was used in celebrating the International day of peace 2019
NURC invited GER to attend the International Peace Day 2019, with some of the beneficiaries of GER and CFOR Program (Beyond Conflict Rwanda) who reconciled. The reconciliation story of Patrick and Carine was chosen to be shared with all participants who were in the parliament and a big audience that was following the event via different media platform. For more

Religious leaders and youth urged to fight gender based violence

Since November 2018 GER is engaging religious leaders in conflict resolution and fighting gender based violence though the promotion of positive masculinity. For more

"Stories from trainees supporting reconciliation at community level in Gasabo, Kicukiro and Bugesera Districts"

From June 16th 2018 to December 2018 GER and CFOR implemented activities to support reconciliations and heal trauma in Rwanda. These activities took place in three districts: Kicukiro, Gasabo and Bugesera. The activities included forums and training facilitators at the community level. Read more

Success story towards reconciliation
I would like to share this account of my experience of positive changes concerning reconciliation activities in Rwanda. This has been an extremely important experience for me on a personal level. An experience of which I am now proud and free to discuss with regard to its contribution to the healing and reconciliation process. Read more
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