Message from Executive Director

A Message from Executive Director

Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation (GER) is a non-governmental organization registered by law governing non-governmental organizations in Rwanda with legal status: N°66 /RGB/NGO 2017. GER was founded in 2015 with the mission of contributing to peace building and environmental protection.

The mission of GER is to contribute to Environmental Peace building, conflicts transformation and ecosystem management for a peaceful and sustainable community with the participation of children, youth and adults.

Our approach is holistic where we embrace social, ecological, economic and cultural dimensions through participatory dialogues. The method we use helps us not leave anyone behind. We facilitate inter-generation learning, community exchange knowledge on the issues of gender. At policy and decision makers’ level and community level on the issues related to conflicts, violence, discrimination, and stigma as well as ecosystem management. At Policy level we raise advocacy to influence policy whereas at community level we empower communities to develop capacities in transformation and sustainable development.

Our focus is to empower the next generation in fight against the existing effects of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, improve environmental conditions and sexual education for adolescents. We support the existing reconciliation process, community recovery and prevention of violence.

Our strategy is to grow community capacities for effective transformation in the process of sustainable development and resilience.

We support community initiatives which encourage peace and reconciliation between people to people and nature. We document best practices and success stories to help us in learning from experience and share with policy makers as well as developing partners.

Our interventions are training of community facilitators through campaigns, community dialogue, and advocacy meetings with policy makers, media, multi-stakeholders and researchers (academia).


We appreciate our partners for their support which contributed to the positive change in the community we work with. We also invite interested individuals, foundations and organizations to support our activities. Do not hesitate to contact us via



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