Message from Director of GER

 Our aim is to contribute through community’s empowerment towards peace building; conflict transformation, healing the past towards reconciliation, and ecosystem management in Rwanda and DRC.  We believe that post conflict reconciliation is possible if communities are empowered and engaged in the process.

The mission of GER is to contribute in Peace building, conflicts transformation and ecosystem management for a peaceful and sustainable community with the participation of children, youth and adults.

Our approach is participatory dialogues within the community and decision makers and stakeholders, on the issues related to conflict and ecosystem management. Our focus is the next generation as an agent of change.  Our strategy is to build community capacities for the effective participation in the process of sustainable development and decision making. We support community initiatives, document best practices, write success stories and share them as experience learning elsewhere around the world.

We empower communities through training and interaction  dialogues to support the process of reconciliation in Rwanda, our interventions targets genocide survivors, youth, perpetrators, the ex-combatants, religious leaders and local leaders in order to recover from collective trauma and the legacy of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, for sustainable reconciliation.

We also raise awareness in the promotion of agro-ecology and climate change adaptation, zero waste and pollution,  by empowering communities on environmental issues, and the use of local knowledge in environmental conservation, the proper use of natural resources and resolving the conflicts related to resources and respect to the biodiversity with gender consideration contributing to socio-economic transformation process and advocacy on community issues affecting their social welfare and participation.   

We facilitate exchange program providing youth from around the world with the opportunity to spend time in Rwanda learning about Rwandan and African culture through our programs: conflict transformation, reconciliation, environmental protection, inter-generation dialogues, intervention within faith based organizations and community empowerment.

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