Awareness on hazard that can be detected in some Recycled Plastics: Ongoing Study

Plastic recycling has been adopted in many areas as an alternative responding to the ban of single-used plastic materials. This technique was apparently helpful as it played a vivid role in reducing plastic waste and stagnancy. However, depending on original composition of a material, certain recycling facilities may fail to full fill the quality of the original materials and may bring problems using the ill-recycled materials.

Since January 2020, GER is in partnership with the IPEN International Pollutant Elimination Network on Plastic Recycled Pellets Project, whose aim is to raise awareness on toxic and hazardous elements that can be detected in recycled plastic materials that are used out there on the market.  The sample (Recycled Plastic Pellets) was collected from Eco plastic Rwanda a plastic recycling local industry which whose purpose is reducing plastics materials around the nature and transforms them into other plastic materials for market packaging, food packaging, sheeting, scotching, and agriculture.

                                                                            Sample of Recycled Plastic Pellets collected prior to the final recycling process!

The sample collected was sent to Arnika, Czech Republic for laboratory test and analysis. Results from the test will provide the overview of Plastic and recycling industry in Rwanda. Results will be used in campaigning to raise community awareness and facilitate advocacy dialogue with policymakers and private sector to influence policy development towards Persistent Organic Pollutants (such as plastics) elimination in sectors of agriculture and food producing industries.

We call upon private sectors, organization and individuals to play their rightful role in protecting the environment and conserving the nature in a so perfect way that human beings and the nature are in good terms. The role of everyone is vital to beat pollution of any kind and achieve our Zero Waste Goal.