The Promotion of Agro-ecology in Rwanda through Local and Scientific knowledge.

The mission of GER is to contribute in Peace building, conflicts transformation and ecosystem management for a peaceful and sustainable community with the participation of children, youth and adults.

We are engaged in the promotion of Agro-ecology as a way of increasing production/harvest by sustainably protecting environment. Agro-ecology brings people together in a so close manner that they can share experience, exchange their success stories about peace building and reconciliation and support social cohesion.

Agro-ecology approach touches the most areas of people’s lives down there in their communities, as it is being used in poverty reduction, fighting early childhood developmental problems and malnutrition, in a proper use of land and ecosystem management

The experience shared by one of the farmers said that “Ubuhinzi n’ubworozi ni nk’umukenyero n’umwitero.” To mean that agriculture and animal keeping should not be separated. He said that the agro-ecology practices conforms with the policy of “One cow per family (GIRINKA)” initiated in 2006 by the President Paul Kagame,  it helps them generate organic fertilizers in boosting production, in household farming and the well being of the family.

GER is using environmental peace building by empowering existing initiatives at a community level and facilitate intergeneration learning through interactions with elders and knowledgeable people to boost changes and innovation.

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